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Publish content from your branded online news center. Post, host and distribute all of your multimedia content and news stories from your own corporate URL, seamlessly integrated directly into your current website. Distribute published content directly to your traditional and social channels, enhancing both SEO and search in mobile apps and devices.



iPR Software's newsrooms are the energy source that powers your organization’s content engine. It’s a place to showcase business expertise and advance market position, address industry issues, manage crisis communications – ensuring that everything is aligned with your strategic agenda. It’s an ever-present news source, where mainstream and social media can obtain credible articles, photos, videos and story ideas about your operations – all in one place.


Own Your Own Narrative

Engagement trends seem to emerge overnight via traditional and social media networks, iPR Software’s powerful publishing and monitoring platform makes it easy for you to monitor multiple B2B & B2C channels so you can see the latest trends emerge in real-time through a visually-rich display.

Better B2B Engagement

Multimedia and digital content communicate ideas quickly, becoming the number one choice of media on mobile and social networks. Our platform is built to create dynamic, high-performing displays of your corporate content on any screen, small or large.

Be Anywhere, Anytime

The iPR Software platform scales and adapts with you and your customer's consumption preferences. Whether your audience is connected on a hand-held device or hard-wired to the web, we power metrics to monitor customized one-to one communication at every touch point to create better relationships, which means better results.

  • B2C: Consumer Trusted Sources



iPR Software’s propriety CMS is the operating system that powers everything you do on a desktop, laptop, or handheld device. Our award-winning workflow makes it simple to do amazing things and publish and distribute branded content anytime, anywhere! And it works seamlessly with your corporate website without anything to download and no IT support!











Self-Publish. Effective PR and Marketing Pros understand the brand value of managing digital content and news to achieve results. In today’s online environment you need control over your assets and how they’re published to your website and Online Newsrooms. iPR Software takes Self-Publishing to a whole new level so you can publish ALL your digital content from the same software platform while reaching multiple integrated media channels.

With iPR Software’s Content Management System (CMS) you can directly publish to:

  • Your Main Site

  • Online Newsroom

  • Social Media Channels

  • Blogs and RSS Feeds

  • Media & Investor Lists

  • Internet & Newswires


Delivering your latest news, images, video, and important announcements to Journalists, Media Outlets, Social Media channels, Email lists, and Newswires, can be accomplished in just a few clicks, all from one platform. iPR Software’s Content Management System (CMS) powers creation of branded content to preferred distribution channels and provides you with the tools to connect directly with your audiences.

Our distribution features include:

  • Increased SEO & SEM

  • Newswire & Financial Disclosure

  • Direct connection to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other Social channels

  • Customized, Branded Emails

  • Track Distribution Campaigns through iPR Software’s Analytics


Web content management system (CMS) platforms have emerged as the mission critical hub of digital ecosystems. In today’s online and mobile driven environment, PR, Marketing and IT professionals turn to iPR Software’s proprietary CMS platform to better manage their B2B & B2C digital content and audience engagements. Our simple, ease-of-use platform can be customized and equipped with the latest tools that will effectively create, display and promote branded content across all devices, browsers and platforms.

Every one of iPR Software’s sites can help you with:

  • Seamlessly Integrated & Branded with your Corporate site

  • Responsive Designs

  • Integrated Social Media options

  • Multimedia with embedded Video Players and Hi-Resolution Images

  • Search Optimized pages

  • Email & Print Options

  • RSS Feeds

  • Customized Search Filters & Categories

  • Customized Tags and Keywords

  • Effective URL structures


iPR Software’s Content Management System (CMS) stores ALL your content in our cloud-based servers so you can access information anywhere, anytime. As a leading provider to leading public and private companies, iPR Software understands that not all companies operate the same way. Neither should your PR & Marketing software. From your first meeting with iPR Software, we customize the CMS to reflect your Workflows. Whether you’re company is hierarchical or lateral in information flow, we setup the system to provide approvals and editing capabilities the same way.

To properly manage all your resources, we provide the following features:

  • Secure, encrypted CMS

  • Comprehensive set of standard hardware, software and data Backup & Disaster recovery plans

  • Organized by Content Type

  • Filters for dates, categories, tags, etc.

  • File Folders & Subfolders you control and organize for all Files

  • Analytics and Email Campaign Logs to track your online success

  • Widget Control for Customized Site Functions

  • Scheduling for Posts and Distributions

  • Media Contact Lists easily available for your Distribution & Sharing Needs


Recent study by Oracle found that “as companies reduce IT complexity, they free up time and money spent on routine maintenance and integration—resources they can invest in more strategic business projects.” From the data center to the cloud, iPR Software eliminates the complexity that stifles business innovation. Talent and resources are freed up for more- critical tasks, and you have the agility you need to respond to the marketplace.

  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

  • SSL Certificates

  • User Control with CMS means 24/7 Access to Site

  • Immediate publishing on branded news & content

  • Quick Response Time with Timely, Effective Issue Resolution


At iPR Software, customer success is our number one priority! Our dedication to our customers has led us to earn the highest customer retention rates in the industry. Our innovative and user-friendly platform combined with our industry-leading customer service makes us the leading PR & Marketing solution trusted by leading global brands. iPR Software provides essential support with 24/7 technical assistance, powerful proactive resources, and regular product updates. With global coverage, knowledgeable development engineers and customer support specialists, iPR Software delivers complete, dependable, fully-integrated service to maximize performance and achieve high availability of mission critical publishing software.

Our one-stop online technical support portal and live phone support offers a wealth of resources for:

  • 24/7 Customer Service Support

  • Live Chat

  • “Hands On” Approach from Start of Project through Entire Business Relationship

  • Solutions Oriented Focus to Every Customer Call & Email

  • Knowledgeable, Friendly Customer Service Team

  • Analytics and Email Campaign Logs to track your online success

  • Always reachable by Phone & Email


PR & Marketing Pros must operate in a global media marketplace, ensuring news and information is provided to the global audience that best serves their brand. iPR Software handles your global asset management needs and integrate with other software platforms such as Adobe InDesign, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Box, Dropbox, email, etc.

iPR Software can integrate

  • Integration regardless of Language or Country required

  • Intuitive Visual Design & Mobile Optimized

  • API Friendly

  • End to End Visibility

  • Multiple Social Media, Blogs, Multimedia Channels Seamlessly blended into Site

  • Blended into your Main Site, as well as other Global Sites

  • Customized CMS configured for User Time Zone, Language


At iPR Software, security and data integrity of your corporate assets are our highest priority. That's why we take extensive measures to provide enterprise grade security. Our platform incorporates the latest security technology to insure your information is protected. Our security protocols, procedures and operations are SaaS compliant and certified by independent analysis. iPR Software’s proprietary CMS provides one-way encryption for account access, file storage, and all your mission critical data. Our award-winning CMS offers single sign-on (SSO) through the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) for all web, desktop and mobile clients. Our security team continuously monitors for internal and external security vulnerabilities and implements proactive measures.

Working with your team, we design a customized workflow that places approval and denial of information dissemination in your hands. Safe, secure, trusted - iPR Software.

  • Access Permissions & Controls

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Data Protection

  • Network Protection

  • Privacy & Accreditations

  • Physical & Environmental Protection

  • Security Monitoring

  • Independent 3rd Party Audits

  • Customized Multi-layer Access Controls for All Content Types

  • 24/7 Customer Monitoring & Support