5 Keys for Digital Asset Management (DAM) New York 2019 Conference

Business travel to New York rarely involves a Yankees or Mets game, or a relaxing stroll through Central Park. But the “City that Never Sleeps” can deliver some engaging conversations, and I recently had the privilege of sitting on a panel at the DAM New York 2019 Conference with digital thought leaders from Amazon, IBM, and Biogen. They shared the strategies and tactics that have brought them success with Metadata Governance within the DAM ecosystem.  In addition, I provided the insights we experienced at iPR Software that successfully serve our DAM clients. We also presented a case study regarding best practices by leading companies, including Dunkin’ and NVIDIA - All in all, it was an informative conference with several takeaways that digital marketing experts can definitely use going forward.

Some of those takeaways I wanted to share with you include these five points you’ll find beneficial as you evaluate your DAM needs and capabilities going forward, as well as best practices and practical advice on Governance from leading practitioners of metadata from a variety of industries.

  1. Good governance manages risk, sustains ongoing value and provides a framework to ensure program goals are met.

  2. The best way to plan for future change is to apply an effective layer of metadata Governance within your DAM system.

  3. There is more to maintaining the metadata than just maintaining the taxonomy and metadata specification; you must manage the change.

  4. Good Governance is not an option – it’s an essential requirement.  Success requires effective communication, transparency, and accountability at all levels of DAM engagement.

  5. Artificial Intelligence is still in its infancy but is an amazing complementary tool for metadata Governance  

A DAM isn’t a cookie-cutter solution, one size doesn’t fit everyone. Soaking in the experiences and challenges faced by the companies we met at DAM New York 2019, along with the companies iPR Software serve every day, reinforces the idea that all organizations are different, and that holds true for the DAMs they built as well. A successful DAM requires considerable preparation and discussion over workflow, architecture, collaboration, user experience, and a host of issues that must be addressed and tweaked before a DAM can be launched. If you need help with your existing or future DAM, Connect with iPR Software and we can help.