• Blog Post
  • by JD Bowles
  • January 22, 2018

Do You Have a Winning Super Bowl Strategy for 2018 for your PR and Content Marketing?

PR and Marketing professionals have already begun tackling their objectives for 2018 in full force, much like the Eagles & Patriots defense in route to the Super Bowl on February 4th. If we approached our Visual Storytelling, Influencer Marketing, and Self Publishing game plan the way these NFL teams did, our chances of victory would certainly improve in our favor!  

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I’m fortunate to see a variety of examples of top level PR and Marketing tactics in my job, working with Fortune 500 clients and leading organizations throughout the globe, so I thought I would share a couple “plays” with you that might bring success this year.

Let’s start with Self-Publishing. You must be your company’s best source for news, not a third-party media outlet. That might sound obvious, but the goal is to have journalists and your followers come to you first, not seek the information on their own. That doesn’t have to be just a press release, it can be a blog, podcast or vodcast, or video. The advantages are crystal clear - you control the message, track who is visiting your website and Online News Center, and maintain the engagement with interested individuals. A good CMS that can post online, distribute your content to email, social channels and news outlets, and host all of your types of digital content, is the first place to start.

Visual Storytelling is not just a buzz word, it’s a key theme for today’s PR and Marketing pros in presenting Multimedia and Infographics in successful campaigns. By now, everyone knows video is king. The Super Bowl exemplifies that every year with the millions of views the commercials receive before, during and after the game. At the end of the day whether you’re on your desktop computer or mobile device, video dominates the visual landscape for telling your story. Infographics have also become very popular for clients who want to explain complex details or comprehensive data in an easy to consume digital format. Both videos and infographics are the go-to plays for any effective and engaging Visual Storytelling playbook.

OK, so you’ve got your MVP CMS, you’ve got a dynamic PR and Marketing Visual Storytelling playbook, now you need to find the people in the crowd that can sell tickets to your game. Influencer Marketing is not just another buzz word like Visual Storytelling, it’s a proven tactic that leverages the strength of connections and engagements of someone in your audience and utilizes their positive angle on your products and services. That might be your favorite blogger who writes on your company or industry, or maybe a journalist who covers your sector - either way, you need to foster those relationships and share your story with them so they can promote you on their own. It gives you the chance to increase your audience while having an objective third party help in your efforts.

You’ve got to score touchdowns, win games, and get more fans to watch your team play. Distribution, whether by a news release over a newswire, an email blast to your targeted audiences, or just a social media post, serves the single purpose of driving traffic back to your website or Online News Center and increasing your audience. As long as the content you’re distributing is engaging, includes attractive visuals, and tells your story in a way that makes your audience want more, then your Distributed Content is successful.

Like the Super Bowl, we have a good idea of what’s involved in a winning strategy. PR and Marketing strategies are no different. We achieve victories by controlling the plays, visualizing our story for our fans, increasing our fan base, and constantly sending news and information downfield. If that sounds like a winning plan to you, and you’d like iPR Software's help, let us know, and we’ll be glad to share our expertise with you.