Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education Rank UCLA #1 Public University

We often read industry blogs about the latest in PR trends, engrossing ourselves in what our next tactic should be, but I was recently pleased to see an iPR Software client, and my alma mater, UCLA, receive the rank as #1 Public University in the Wall Street Journal/ Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Congratulations to UCLA on this honor! There are some PR lessons we could all learn here...

UCLA not only was the #1 Public School in the US, but also ranked 11th overall in the US for both public and private universities, and #15 in the world. While I’m biased, I’m not surprised. Over the years they’ve created a global approach to learning that celebrates the best in teaching and research-ultimately attracting a global student body. Their PR approach-and this ranking- reflects that.

Looking at it from the point of view of the PR practitioner, their online newsroom should get some credit for this accolade as well. Why? The newsroom reflects a UCLA community diverse in culture and academic offerings. The UCLA Communications team delivers that high level of information and news on a daily basis through the newsroom, social media channels, and sharing capabilities.

The UCLA communications team employs content marketing - traditional news, multimedia, and social media - that covers the day to day stories and news and how it impacts UCLA’s students, faculty, and alumni, in the US and abroad. While I'm a Bruin, this is impressive, and a good standard we all could follow as PR practitioners.

Congrats again to UCLA and their entire community on this ranking. Please let me know if you'd like to chat further on how UCLA does this, I'd love to hear your feedback.